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Rafting Soča

Top attractions in Slovenia

If you go to Slovenia for attractions, then you’re probably looking for a fun, exciting stay. Do a quick tour of the castles, lakes, mountains, and seaside, but then you’ll want to settle by the River Soča. It is exactly this river that offers much more excitement than the ordinary sights of Slovenia – there are countless enticing activities to be done on the river or on its shores, as well as the extraordinary surroundings that will make your stay worth it even if you don’t do anything else than just relax outdoors.

The most popular activity on the river is probably rafting – Soča is very suitable for this kind of rides, as it offers varied dynamic sections in its initial part. Rafting really is one of the top attractions for tourists visiting Slovenia, for it offers an unforgettable experience to everyone brave enough to try it. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable with adrenaline drops and bumpy rapids – for rafting, Soča has peaceful and calm sections as well.

The offer of various experiences by the river shore is very well developed. Besides different kinds of rafting, Soča accommodates other adventure seeking tourists as well. There is one very popular choice beside rafting on the Soca River, Slovenia – kayaking. Kayaks are a different kind of boats offering a different experience and can easily make your whole trip amazing. For the Soca River, Slovenia, kayaking is right up there along with rafting in terms of popularity, meaning the infrastructure and the all-around offer is well-developed. You can enjoy the freedom of solo rides or explore the river in a group. In any case, Soca River, Slovenia, kayaking is an unforgettable experience for every tourist, no matter if you do it by yourself or with your friends or family.