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Hydrospeed Bovec

New thrills in Bovec

Bovec is a well known tourist center of the Soca valley. It offers a wide range of exciting activities for adventurers that want to spend their free time outdoors, if possible engaged in adrenaline activities. For this type of tourists, Bovec has to be one of the most attractive destinations, which is confirmed by the sheer number of visitors in this region during the summer. Fortunately, there is always something for them to do – Bovec offers new thrills even for the experienced adventurers that are well used to kayaking and rafting.

Hydrospeed Bovec

One of the interesting attractions is hydrospeed Bovec can arrange for all kinds of activities to be done on the Soca river, with kayaking and rafting taking priority. Hydrospeed is an exciting alternative, made for adventurers that are not afraid to get their feet wet, literally. While you can expect to get wet even in a raft or kayak, you will definitely be mostly submerged with a hydrospeed. Bovec offers guided courses, including equipment rental, but most of the work will be left up to you. You have to navigate down the river with an interesting vessel while keeping half of your body afloat!

Bovec canyoning

While there are many exciting adventures available in Bovec, canyoning has to be one of the most interesting ones. It takes you to less visited canyons of the river’s tributaries, thus offering a more primal vibe. It includes some walking, then the guide will lead you down the canyon. Bovec canyoning is unique with its attractive canyons filled with natural obstacles, sometimes requiring you to climb down the ropes or jump into a refreshing pool. Canyoning is definitely one of the adventures that is easily worth the time and money, as it offers much more than just a walking tour.