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Soča rafting

How to best enjoy the Soča river?

Virtually every river can be enjoyed for its freshness and chilling effect in the summer months. But rarely do the rivers have the potential to open up a whole world of possibilities in terms of outdoor activities. That’s what’s unique about the Soča river – it offers a wide variety of exciting adventures that attract hordes of people in the summer. What’s the best way to really make the most out of your visit?

Maybe it’s best to stick to the most popular activities. After all, they are popular for a reason. Soča rafting is a great example, as it is a very popular activity and suitable for virtually every visitor. From complete beginners to experienced adventurers, everyone will enjoy Soča rafting! Not only because it’s a fun and thrilling activity in every case, but also because the river offers a unique ambient and an unforgettable experience. The tourist agencies cater to a wide variety of tourists, so guided tours are available for all tastes and interests. Surely everyone can really enjoy themselves with professionally guided Soča rafting in good company!

Similar activity is Soca river kayaking. It can be an even better idea to go kayaking, as it is a bit more flexible and very suitable for those that want to focus more on exploring the river and navigating the interesting parts downstream. Soca river kayaking is also included in the offers of the local tourist agencies, which is great for beginners and tourists. You can find all kinds of guided tours in all of the towns in the Soca valley. But Soca river kayaking can also be done solo, if you have the equipment and skill. It’s the ideal option to really enjoy the river and make the best use of your free time!