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Soca River kayak

Guided tours of the Soca River

Soca River is a popular destination for all kinds of tourists. The best experience is virtually guaranteed for first-time visitors and beginners that want to try different adrenaline activities and extreme sports, but the wide variety of new experiences on offer makes the river attractive even to the seasoned veterans.

For most of the visitors, guided tours are the best choice to explore the river enjoyably and safely.

Soca River kayak

Among the most popular activities on the Soca River is kayaking. This is also the perfect choice for guided tours, as the offer is really varied. Soca River kayak is popular among the professionals that are navigating the river on their own, as well as among the beginners that will find guided tours extremely attractive. Not only that, Soca River kayak offers schools for complete beginners, as well as schools for serious amateurs and training for professionals. Everything is much easier with an experienced professional guiding you!

Canyoning Soca

For canyoning, Soca is less than ideal, but the river’s tributaries are very attractive for this activity. There are many options to choose from, and guided tours turn out to be the best option again. For canyoning, Soca with its tributaries offers a nice natural surroundings and demanding courses, which means some danger as well. Guided tours are the only sensible way to go about exploring the gorges. Experienced local guides can provide safe and enjoyable experience, which is still very close to uninhibited exploration of the wild nature. There is a wide offer of different experiences again – for canyoning, Soca offers short and easy, family-friendly tours, as well as long and difficult obstacle-filled courses that will surprise even the most seasoned veterans. In every case, canyoning provides an unforgettable experience.